Faith & Work Spring 2020 Cover

Faith & Work is a quarterly publication of St. Barnabas Charities providing the latest information and articles about our community. It features stories about St. Barnabas residents, and includes news, upcoming activities, and notice of special events. It is mailed for free to St. Barnabas Charities donors.

  “Day by Day by Day” – Order Your Copy Today! This inspiring daily guide to managing professional life was authored by William V. Day, President & CEO of St. Barnabas Health System.      

Mr. Day joined St. Barnabas Health System in 1967, and has learned many lessons in a distinguished career of caring that spans five decades. So many, in fact, that he pulled together this endearing collection of daily inspirations, encouraging thoughts, and lessons about life that he has discovered along his journey, just to share with you.

The book is $14.95 plus $2.50 for shipping. Proceeds benefit the St. Barnabas Free Care Fund.

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