Information for Veterans and Spouses

“Aid and attendance” is available to a veteran who requires the aid and attendance of another person in order to avoid the hazards of his/her daily environment. Under this program, a veteran can receive a maximum of $1743.00 per month in benefits, and a widow/widower can receive up to $945.00.*

Below you will find a brief overview of VA requirements, please contact us for detailed information regarding VA policies and procedures.

Service Requirements – In general, to qualify, a veteran must have 90 days or more of active duty under other than dishonorable conditions, one day of which was during wartime.

Disability Requirements – The veteran must be determined to be “ permanently and totally disabled. ” The VA will generally accept a letter from the person’s doctor as to the veteran’s disability. The letter should state that the person has an incapacity that requires care or assistance on a regular basis to protect the claimant from the hazards or dangers incident to his or her daily environment. The veteran does not need to be helpless – he or she need only show that he or she is in need of aid and attendance on a regular basis.

Net Worth Requirements – The VA will consider the net worth of the applicant and will deny the application if the net worth is such that part of it could be consumed for the applicants care. As a rule of thumb, the cutoff is $80,000 est. The home is not counted. In other words, the VA will rarely deny a claim if the net worth is below the number.

Income Requirements – The general rule is that even if the applicant fulfills all of the requirements, the application will be denied if the veteran’s countable income exceeds the maximum annual pension rate which is currently, $1,743.00* and $945.00.*


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